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Over 9+ Years of Experience in Technical SEO Services and Delivered more than 250+ Projects all over the World. We have helped almost all types of Industries with our SEO Marketing.

Our Technical SEO Services

We are Top Rated Technical SEO Agency and cover all your Technical SEO Related issues, identify all website issues & Help to improve your site’s Health problems. Get in touch for Technical SEO Audit & Technical SEO Services Today!

Website Speed Optimization

We cover your Website Speed Optimization and help to increase your slow loading webstites to load faster in all devices in Google Page speed Test & GTMetrix.

Website Mobile Friendly

We check your website is mobile friendly or not and help them to make it mobile responsive in mobile & Tablet, Desktop. As for SEO Website Must be Mobile Friendly.

Check your Sitemap

Website Building is not a simple task, but you need expert SEO Agency to cover your sitemap creation & Making Keyword Planning. Make sure we submit SEO Friendly HTML Sitemap.

Fix Crawl Issues

We cover your site is crawable on Google Search Console & Google Bots and Fix any No index, 404 Page Error, 301 Redirection, Fix all your indexable issues.

Check Page Depth

We fix all your content issues, Page Interlinkings issues, Thin Content issues and make a list of pages needs to be fixed. We suggest you all content issues & Fix them.

Fix Canonical URL Issues

Canonical URL issue is main SEO Audit Point, where your site's SEO Score Hamper alot. We identify and make a list of Canonical URL Error List & Fix them to Make it SEO Friendly.

Fix Broken Links

Broken Links hamper your SEO Score, we identify all broken interal & External Links. We use SEO Tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz tools to indetify for Broken Links.

Structured Data Issues

We identify all Structured Data issues & Fix like Local business, About, FAQ, Blog, Article, Organization schema markup codes and place them on website to make it SEO Friendly & Easy to crawl.

Fix SEO Friendly URL Issues

We identify all your non seo friendly URL and make sure it's Crawlable & Short within limit with proper Keywords & Target city to take local & SEO Benefits.

Technical SEO Audit Service | Toronto | Yudha Global
Technical SEO Audit Benefits

1. Technical SEO audits are important for keeping your website running smoothly and ranking high in search engines.

2. A technical SEO audit list can help you identify areas of improvement on your website.

3. Technical SEO audits can be time-consuming, but they are worth the effort to ensure that your website is running optimally.

4. If you’re not sure where to start with your technical SEO audit, our list can help get you started.

5. Technical SEO audits are an important part of website maintenance and should be done regularly to ensure that your website is performing at its best.

6. Technical SEO audits help identify issues that could be holding your website back from ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

7. A technical SEO audit can help you improve your website’s crawlability, indexation, and on-page optimization.

8. A technical SEO audit can help you improve your website’s crawlability, indexation, and on-page optimization.

9. Uncover technical errors that could be costing you traffic

10. Get a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations

Frequently Asked Question

Check out our Technical SEO FAQ, Quickly Get your FAQ Answered for SEO.

Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results. It covers a wide range of factors, from site speed and mobile friendliness to indexing and schema markup. Technical SEO is a complex and ever-evolving discipline, but our team has the experience and expertise to help your website reach its full potential.

We have done Multiple Industries, Multiple Languages Like English, Dutch, German, Italian and other Languages SEO. 

As far as Concerned about Industries, We have covered, Medical, Production, Ecommerce, Fitness, Meditation, Retail, E-learning, Construction and Many other.

Technical SEO is most important as per new google algorithms like, 
1 Fast Loading

2 Video Page Index

3 Sitemap Issues

4 Mobile First Indexing

5 Clickable Elements

6 Page Responsive Test

7 URL Structure

8 Server Side Optimization

9 Plugins & Apps Integration Checkup
and many other Points which are covered in our Technical SEO Audit Service.

We usually Send Below Details in SEO Report,

  1. Google Analytics Report
  2. Google Search Console Report
  3. Bing Search Console Report
  4. Keywords Ranking
  5. Tasks Performed Per Month
  6. Backlinks Report
  7. Blog Articles
  8. Social Media Post Designs
  9. 404 Page Errors Fixing
  10. 301 Redirection done for Month
  11. On Page SEO Details
  12. Schema Markup Updates
  13. SEO Content Strategy

You can request us for Past SEO Client’s Reports. To get Past SEO Client’s Report, Contact Us.

An SEO audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the website’s performance. It includes technical, content and on-page analysis. It also includes keyword research, competitor analysis and competitor comparison. The goal is to assess how many visits a site gets from organic search results, identify which keywords are most effective for it, find out if the SEO strategy used is good or bad and recommend changes to improve the site.

Contact us for Free SEO Audit Service.

I will be Needing below details,

  1. Domain Name & Website Admin Login details
  2. Target Country
  3. Target Keywords
  4. Top 5 Competitors
  5. Service/Business Niche
  6. Server Login
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Bing Search Console
  9. Google Analytics
  10. If any other Tracking Tools Like Hotjar etc.

Technical SEO Covers Server Side, Website Side, Google & Bing Search Console, Google Analytics Tools so it depends on website page numbers, competition, website type to get fully covered.

Well, It Depends on Case to Case, Business Types, Target Locations, Number of Keywords, Number of Languages to Optimize.

To get SEO Costing, Please Get in Touch with us.

We use Premium SEO Tools Like SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOz, Screaming Frog Spider, SEMScoop, Serpstats, Majestic, KWFinder, Keywords Tool.

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